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Tax Preparation

Full Service

Taxes are becoming increasingly complicated each year. Pure's tax professionals are always up to date on the tax code so that your return is filed promptly and accurately. Our organized and thorough tax preparation process strives to achieve the highest possible deductions and lowest possible tax liability for your return.


Preparing your annual return is most successful if paired with tax planning. We recommend an annual tax planning meeting to aid in decision making, maximize deductions, and avoid any surprises.

Tax Preparation



Unlock Accounting Efficiency

Small business accounting is what we do best – we even do it for ourselves! Your books are done more efficiently than ever thanks to the latest technology and our streamlined internal processes.

Rest Assured

Your dedicated team at Pure keeps your books in order and optimized for each year's tax return, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Make Informed Decisions

Armed with real-time and actionable insight into your business financials, you are empowered to make more accurate and informed financial decisions.



Make Your Role Easy

Processing payroll is easy with Pure.  Simply make any changes to salaries and benefits each pay period and process with just a few clicks! For even simpler, recurring payrolls you can even put your payroll on autopilot!

No Missed Filings

Our payroll solutions for small businesses are designed to make your life easier. All federal, state, and local taxes are filed and paid automatically without any effort by you. No more mistakes, filings, or deadlines to worry about.

Your Employees Will Love It!

Pure’s payroll solution makes things easier for your employees, too. Your team will get the free direct deposit paychecks they expect, plus instant access to their online pay-stubs and W-2's. 



Take What You Need

We build customized solution packages for each of our clients which include some combination of tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll, and app advisory services depending on the unique needs of your business. Request a consultation to get started!

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