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5 Indicators You Need a Marketing Director + Hiring Process Infographic

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Whitley Schlichte

October 28, 2019


Owning, running and growing your business is very exciting. Each day brings new challenges and problems along with new opportunities and victories.

Due to this growth, you may be thinking of hiring someone to direct and manage your marketing efforts. Up to now, you've likely been the one to manage your company's Facebook page and advertise upcoming sales. Or, some members of your team have pitched in to help with those things as they could.

This ad-hoc approach may have worked well for your company when it was starting out. But if you plan to boost growth, you can no longer afford to piece together your marketing strategy.

Here are a few indicators that can help you determine whether you’re ready to hire a marketing director.

1. You want to start driving business in new ways, but you don’t have time

Between the other million things you’re dealing with, sitting down to brainstorm new ways to generate leads, especially from online sources, might sound like an impossible task.

2. You want to expand your business into a new geographical area, but can’t rely on word of mouth to get you started

This may especially be the case for service companies or small companies that operate mostly on word of mouth from satisfied customers.

3. You want to build an online presence, but don’t know where to start

The world wide web can be quite daunting when starting your online presence from scratch or if you have little experience in digital marketing.

4. You want to create a marketing strategy to guide your growth over the next few years, but you don’t know what that entails

How do you translate your broader business goals into more specific marketing goals, and how do you make sure those marketing goals help you achieve your bigger-picture goals? These questions often indicate the need to bring in a marketing specialist.

5. Your team helps the marketing effort when they can, but often things don’t get done because they’re working on other projects

Very often in smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated marketing team, Susie prints business cards when the team needs them, and Jimmy writes an ad for the local newspaper once a year. And we get it, they have other, more pressing tasks on their priority list. But in order to truly grow your business, it’s likely your company’s marketing efforts will require far more attention than your team can give it.

If any of these indicators fit your situation, it might be time to consider finding someone to create, manage and lead your marketing department, especially if you’re ambitiously seeking growth.

To help you out, we created an easy-to-follow guide for identifying your marketing needs, recruiting potential candidates, hiring the best, and helping them be successful:


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