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Pure Careers


Working at Pure

If you're looking for a fun, creative, innovative, and collaborative place to work, you've come to the right place! 

Our days start and end with technology and we are always looking for new and improved applications to use at Pure and offer to our clients. We live for solving problems and improving processes both for Pure and our clients, which means our staff is always encouraged to share their ideas with the team. 

Team-work is the bread and butter of Pure. Don't be surprised if you get roped into projects that have nothing to do with your official job description... All hands on deck is how we operate! 

What our staff is saying

 I have only recently started working at Pure, but in the short amount of time I've been employed with this company, I've experienced and noticed how a true team driven work environment impacts not only our time in the office, but outside the office as well. 

Pure's positive environment doesn't stop at the office door either. Whether it's happy hours, seasonal photo contests, job fairs, or other fun outside work events, Pure's commitment to make it's employees happy in and out of the office is evident. It is truly rare to find a job with a team that genuinely cares about you, your ideas, and your aspirations and that is exactly what Pure is and I'm extremely fortunate not only that I found Pure, but that Pure found me.

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Solutions Advisor


Solutions Advisor

Pure promotes a team environment so that staff are never afraid to ask a senior staff member for help. Senior staff are always patient in answering questions and working through problems which we get to learn from their years of experience! If you can't come up with a solution on your own, the team puts our heads together to solve the problem together.

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A few years back, my child went through a rough time medically speaking. It required us to be in and out of multiple appointments a week, every week for almost a year. Obviously, that took away from the time I could dedicate to work. Marc was more than understanding-he was compassionate as was the rest of the team. I worked when I could and took care of my daughter when I needed. My responsibilities and workload changed to accommodate and team members stepped up to cover when I was out unexpectedly.


I never felt guilty or like my position was in jeopardy due to our circumstances. Once her medical issues were resolved, I was able to take on more and came back on full time. A lot of small businesses would not have been as flexible.


It has been the flexibility and compassion given to take care for my family/children, especially when that need was very high. It is understanding that people's lives are always changing and the company's ability to recognize and respect that.


For me, that type of work/life balance is priceless. 

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Director of People & Culture

Perks of Pure

Full-time employees are eligible to receive up to 80-hours of PTO depending on years of service.

Paid Time Off

Employees receive 8 hours of pay for each of the following holidays:


  • New Years Day

  • April 16 (Day after tax deadline)

  • Memorial Day 

  • Fourth of July

  • Labor Day 

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Christmas

Paid Holidays

After 90 days of employment at Pure, new hires are eligible to enroll in our supplemental insurance program through Aflac. You will receive more information regarding this perk after your 90th day.

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Supplemental Insurance

All employees are able to have their tax returns prepared in-house at no cost. Note that this only covers the cost of preparing the return; employees must still pay any applicable tax liabilities to the IRS and other governing agencies.


Free annual Tax Returns

Other Perks

Eco-friendly workplace

Pure has recently committed to becoming a more eco-friendly workplace. Our break room contains recycling bins as well as reusable dishes and towels for employees to use in order to minimize the waste we generate. 

Volunteer opportunities 

Two to three times a year, the Pure team takes part in a volunteer opportunity to help out in our community. Past events have included the Ronald McDonald House in San Antonio, and the Hays County Food Drive.

Occasional Happy Hour with the team

Sure, we work hard, but we play hard too. Join us for Happy Hour a few times each year! 

Opportunities for career advancement and growth

The Pure team is always in need of driven, inspired individuals who are killing it in their current role, but are hungry for more. If you’re interested in advancing your career at Pure, be sure to vocalize your goals with the Pure admin team! 

Healthy snacks in the breakroom

We care about our staff and their health and wellbeing. That’s why we provide some assorted healthy snacks in the breakroom for everyone to enjoy! Our hope is that if you're ever feeling hangry or need a little afternoon energy boost, you'll have some better options to choose from instead of candy, soda, etc.

Current Job Openings

Solutions Advisor

Are you a dynamic, detail-oriented team player who loves technology? 
Pure is looking for a friendly and creative Solutions Advisor to join our team in Wimberley, TX.

Tax Advisor

Are you a dynamic, detail-oriented team player who loves technology?

Pure is looking for a friendly and creative Tax Advisor to join our team in Wimberley, TX. 

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