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About Pure

Pure | Purely Solutions

Our mission is to efficiently deliver accounting solutions for businesses large and small by leveraging cloud-based technologies, carefully constructed internal processes, and effective people. 


How we got here:

Pure has a long past. It all began with the formation of McGinnis & Berger, LLP in 2002, an accounting and tax preparation firm in Wimberley and Spring Branch, Texas. The firm was formed as a partnership between Terry McGinnis, CPA and Marc Berger, CPA. McGinnis & Berger served many clients over the years, winning several awards for the service it provided.

McGinnis and Berger awarded the Best of Wimberley CPA Accountant for three years in a row 2016 2017 and 2018

During the mid 2010’s, it became apparent to our team that people and businesses alike had a need for non-tax prep services such as bookkeeping, payroll, and bill pay. Often, processing tax returns was a challenge for the McGinnis & Berger team due to inconsistent and inaccurate client books. Marc Berger saw the opportunity to meet this need using highly specialized and integrative cloud-based applications. And thus, in 2016, Pure – Purely Solutions was born. 


Marc realized that internal bookkeeping and payroll is often expensive and inefficient for most business owners, and technology that could improve these functions is often under-utilized. Additionally, he found that most people would rather not worry about the back-office part of their businesses; instead, they would rather devote their limited and valuable time to planning, managing, and growing their specialties. He also realized that the needs of each client are highly variable, so offering a customized app package would be essential. 


The model for Pure was built upon three equally important pillars: Speed, simplicity, and freedom. These are the principles that guide us in our daily work as we aim to make life easier for all our valued clients. 


Creating optimal efficiency in our own processes as well as those of our clients’ is at the core of what we do every day. With the help of technology, our highly skilled team is able to prioritize speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality. And as tech improves and cloud-based apps become more integrated, we are consistently able to offer faster and faster reporting to our clients. We believe timely reporting = more accurate insight = better and more informed decision making.



We think the last thing business owners should be worrying about is maintaining their books each week, manually entering their expenses into their desktop accounting software, and hand-writing checks to hand to their employees on payday. Pure was designed to make things simpler for our clients, so we handle as much of the manual effort as possible. We set up the accounts, we convert data from old software, we manage the apps, and we train clients on how to make the most out of their customized app package with Pure. 



Because our solutions require little to no effort by our clients, they’re empowered to turn their attention towards running, managing, and growing their businesses. Unburdening business owners from the monotonous and mundane frees them to do bigger, better, more.

Oh, and one more thing…

The three pillars of Pure, Speed, Simplicity, and Freedom, couldn’t be accomplished without one crucial component – people. While automation and technology are crucial in running a modern business, there is still no replacement for the human element. Pure runs for people, by people. 

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